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Elusive /Elusive Audio - Featuring The Usual Suspects-CD Album-



90年代後半から始まる、L.A.Underground Hip Hopの進化に欠かすことができない存在であり、Living LegendsのメンバーであるElusiveが2002年に放ったアルバム。客演のメンバーもLiving Legendsのメンバーは勿論、Project Blowed,Good life cafe,Freestyle Fellowshipの面々が集ったベイエリアを代表するスター選手揃い。一曲目の「Big Beat Sermon Part 2」から背筋が伸びます。 Track List 1.Big Beat Sermon Part 2 2.Hotwired Featuring Self Jupiter 3.Tapping Out Featuring MURS 4.Microphone Controller Featuring Phoenix Orion 5.Help Me 6.Shooby Dooby Featuring Aceyalone 7.Never Leave This Featuring PSC 8.Just Lounging Featuring Abstract Rude 9.Immortality Trumpet Josh Koslow 10.Secret Designs 11.Dime A Dozen Featuring – Sereal 12.What You Gonna Do Featuring Abstract Rude, Self Jupiter 13.Can't Have It Back Featuring Basik 14.Don't Play Featuring Arima Azul, Cozmic Ray,Phoenix Orion 15.Think For Ya Self Featuring Mikah 9 16.Heaven Scent Featuring Arima Azul 17.The Night Scan Trumpet Josh Koslow 18.Sideways Featuring Sereal 19.Omega Abusive (Freestyle Bonus Cut) Featuring PEACE 20.Outro